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Feedburner Dashboard Widget - Update to Google API Spec

For those of you who are tracking your feed stats with Feedburner you may well be very aware that Google have begun the process of transitioning Feedburner accounts into Google accounts after the acquistion back in June of 2007.

Once you have moved your feeds to your Google account you will have to start accessing Feedburner through their new front door at and your RSS Feed URLs will be updated to the now lovely: feeds2 instead of feeds? Who knows, but the original URL will continue to work indefinitely.

If you were using the Feedburner Dashboard Widget to monitor the health of your RSS Feeds you will notice this no longer works after you have transferred your feeds between accounts. This is due to the change in the URL for the Feedburner Awareness API. The new address is:

To continue using the Feedburner Widget aka StatsTracker you can modify this value on line 18 of the printStats.js file found within StatsTracker.wdgt. To modify this file simply locate the StatsTracker.wdgt file in your /Users/name/Library/Widgets folder and right click to Show Package Contents, edit in a text editor, save and restart your Dashboard (“killall Dock” in the Terminal). If you have any issues don’t hesitate to ask.

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Ian 9 February 2009, 06:02 #1

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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