Sam Brown

No more pixel perfectionism in IE 6

“if you are in the position to do so, start letting go of achieving perfectionism in IE 6. The sooner the organisations that lock their users into IE 6 realise that it’s time to upgrade, the better.” – Roger Johansson

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Ben 12 February 2009, 01:59 #1

“No more pixel perfectionism in IE 6.”

That’s assuming that you could get pixel perfect in IE6! Quote should really be, “no-more almost quite right, but not really in IE6”.

Jeff Szusz 27 February 2009, 19:25 #2

I’ve ALWAYS thought we should just ignore IE.

And why does MS insist on even developing IE? How is it a revenue stream for them? It generates zero money that I can tell. They should spend the development time elsewhere (like maybe have a few extra eyes reading sourcecode for Windows 7 in an attempt to make it Not Suck.)

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