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Redesigning - A few of my latest projects

While I have been super busy lately working on a myriad of different projects for clients and personal alike here are a couple that I have just got out the door.

We Love Textpattern

We Love Textpattern has been a continuing success with a stream of Textpattern powered sites being submitted to the gallery daily. I redesigned this site as the original design was feeling rather stale, and I wanted to experiment with a scrolling horizontal layout. As expected not everyone was happy about this but through tracking visitors statistics with Mint and click tracking with CrazyEgg it has proved a success.

Spencer Fry

The awesome Spencer Fry from Carbonmade came back and asked me to redesign his personal site at the begining of this year. I was delighted to work with Spencer again after the success of his design magazine Burstoid that we worked on together last year. His personal site proved a welcome challenge to incorporate Spencer’s style and needs with a fresh design, which included more than just a simple blog. Be sure to check out the Timeline and Archive sections.

Posh CSS

Posh CSS had been sitting dormant on my server for over 3 months and I had been meaning to keep publishing to it but felt the current design and layout format just simply wasn’t working for me. This weekend I pulled the stylesheet out and redesigned the site live on the server in pure XHTML and CSS (aside from a new logo). This was a refreshing process and from start to finish only took a couple of hours (including an iPhone stylesheet), I think the result was worth the small amount of effort. Expect normal service to resume.

.net magazine

Lastly I wrote a small article for .NET magazine that was published in March 2009’s issue. Be sure to seek that out if you please.

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Harry Roberts 23 February 2009, 03:31 #1

All looking good, you have been busy. Though I would definitely definitely recommend using some JS to make the scroll wheel scroll the ‘we love textpattern site’, like this:

Craig 23 February 2009, 03:37 #2

Sweetness… they all look and feel amazing.

I have to say, however, that the 17+ years of being conditioned into believing that scrolling left or right on a web page is evil has made a bit daunting for me. I have yet to scroll on that site… I visit, scan the latest 6, and move on. If there were some way to scroll without using the keyboard I think I’d feel better about it.

Shaun Inman 23 February 2009, 04:25 #3

A tip for wary horizontal scrollers: hold down shift and use your mouse’s scroll-wheel to scroll horizontally. Lovely work as always Sam.

Sam Brown 23 February 2009, 05:10 #4

@Harry: Funnily enough I can’t scroll that site horizontally with up and down on the scroll wheel, nothing happens?

@Craig: Completely understandable.

@Shaun: Hot tip!

I think the issue of horizontal scrolling is less of a problem for me as my current mouse (Logitech VX Revolution) has a horizontal scrolling feature. Perhaps I’m just lazy! :)

Brendan 23 February 2009, 06:05 #5

Holding down Shift + scrollwheel cycles through my browsing history :(

At least on my work computer anyways. Hat off for trying something against the grain though. On a sidenote, how does one go about updating their screencap on WeLoveTXP?

Spencer Fry 23 February 2009, 06:51 #6

Enjoyed working with you again!

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