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I hate Twitshirt! I want to opt out.

“Great idea, and beautifully executed, but it operates without permission of Twitter users. They have a feature to opt-out if you don’t want your Twitter updates to appear on their t-shirts, but you can’t expect every Twitter user to be aware of Twitshirt and act to protect their intellectual property. It has to be opt-in.” – Cameron Hunt

Since when is opt-out the new norm? They really should instead join forces with Tweet CC.

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Chris Rowe 17 April 2009, 01:57 #1

I fully agree, maybe they should allocate a cut of the profit to the source Twitter user too?

Chris Rowe 17 April 2009, 01:59 #2

Ignore me, I didn’t read it thoroughly enough.

Brendan 17 April 2009, 05:01 #3

Not to mention, they have to sell 40(!) shirts with your tweet before you get “your” minimum $20 payout.

While I’m fully aware that I post nothing worth anything on twitter, there is no way this should be anything but opt-in.

Wade M 17 April 2009, 06:53 #4

@Waferbaby had a rather interesting tweet about this, so much so I put it on a shirt for him. Expect a photo to float around the internets soon ;)



Cyprian Gwóźdź 20 April 2009, 23:35 #5

I don’t use Twitter. I have never tried :-) I feel really original. I think I safe lots of time :P

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