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Phil Thompson 24 April 2009, 00:48 #1

Yep – love it too. I’ve been using Tweetie for the iPhone since it came out and I was very happy to pay for it so I downloaded Tweetie for mac the day it was released and have been suing it ever since.

But one thing that puzzles me about Tweetie for mac is the business model – I think $14.95 is too expensive for it – especially when the only downside to not paying that fee is the fact that it displays very unobtrusive ads.

Sam Brown 24 April 2009, 01:46 #2

Also note that $14.95 is the introductory price, it will go up to $19.95 in May.

I think the majority of people who buy Tweetie are not going to be buying it to remove the ads, but rather to support Loren for creating a truly great app that they use on a daily basis.

I don’t think $20 is too much to ask for an app that is very mature and well polished from the get go and can only get better.

It’s a bit like Shaun Inman’s Mint, if you want to have a great interface to view your stats in it’ll cost you $30, otherwise there are plenty of free alternatives for you to choose from.

Phil Thompson 24 April 2009, 01:56 #3

I hadn’t really thought about it from that perspective but you’re right.

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