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Advertising is the economy of the web

“Advertising is the economy of the web. When someone gives my favourite blog money to help them continue to be my favourite blog, I think that someone is pretty cool. And if that someone respects me enough not to bombard me with flashy animations and obnoxious pop-ups, maybe, just maybe, I’ll click on the ad and discover a new product.”

Michael Mistretta on The State of Fusion. What’s most interesting about the Fusion ads are the number of compliments they get, generally they are very well received, relevant, good looking and now published on some really great sites.

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Spencer Fry 30 April 2009, 09:00 #1

Yup. Advertising will continue to be around for a long long time. Possibly forever. I’ve spoken to a number of venture capitals lately and they continue to invest in companies who’s only business plan is to profit from online advertising.

The figures one guy spit out was that before the current recession they’d invest in something close to 35% of ad supported business, that number is slightly down to about 25%. Advertising is certainly here to stay… but definitely not as big as it once was.

Cyprian Gwóźdź 30 April 2009, 23:33 #2

You last 3 post were hot, now a little bit chilling out :-)

I like ads provides by Fusion, there are cool. Match with style on blogs. Don’t interfere with layout. This is cool. I don’t mind this kind of small advertisement on sidebar.

Yeah, before clicking on “great” “sites” already knew one…
And second was easy to predict.

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