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iPod - do you?

In the next week or so I have to migrate everything from my desktop PC to my Laptop and it isn’t proving to be a very easy process, with well over 2,000 MP3s, 25 DVD Quality Movies and the rest of my stuff (TV Shows, Music Videos, Work files).. heaps!

So today I invested in a little help, brought to you by the kind people at Apple. I know I know, I’m a little late to the party, but I’ve never really needed one as my Sony netMD is great, until recently when it has started acting up and the ‘Radio’ button plays the minidisc in a random order, the ‘Play/Pause’ button doesn’t work, ‘Stop’ plays the songs, it’s just gone wack!

So anyway, I was looking at the minis which look very cute, but they can only hold 1,000 songs, my MP3 collection alone has more than that, not to mention my CDs! So I just had to spend the extra AUD$50 for the iPod. Thank you Apple for yet another great product.

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