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Some lingering concerns about Typekit

“Don’t get me wrong: I’m excited about the potential here. Really excited, in fact. I think Veen and his team are amongst the absolute best minds in the industry and I have nothing but faith and trust in them. But, all we really know about TypeKit is what we learned in a pretty vague product introduction blog post. We haven’t even seen an example, let alone the thing working in the wild.”

I share Jeff Croft’s concerns about Typekit, this quote was from his reponse to Mike Davidson’s article Examining Typekit. Jeff outlines his 5 major concerns which mirror mine exactly. I too am really excited about Typekit but think we may be jumping the gun a little as the details are still pretty vague, I can’t wait for working demos and further details on licensing and cost.

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Mike D. 2 June 2009, 11:52 #1

Holy crap, thems is some dope-ass link hover effects you have ‘round this place! I love!

Bobby Jack 3 June 2009, 13:20 #2

Yup, pretty much agree 100% – after the initial excitement, I’m left with a sense of disappointment that further details haven’t been announced. I think Jeff (Veen) needs to answer these points soon and reassure us all. I also wonder if we’re not getting a BIT too excited about the possibility of spewing comic sans all over the web. As Mark Boulton put it: “the fonts which are available on most machines are enough to convey a typographic message, or set legible type.”

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