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We are a service industry

“Let’s get one thing straight, we might be creative, artistic, any other word that fits your persona but we are in a service industry. However we dress it up, we are a service industry. … I have had two incidents crop up in the past month, both have been from clients who think they can just not pay their invoice. Can I have a refund on the time I spent on your project please, then you can have a refund.”

Sarah Parmenter wrote an interesting rant this weekend on the problems faced by web designers getting their clients to pay their bills. Don’t forget to take in the comments.

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Spencer Fry 8 June 2009, 05:52 #1

That’s a tough predicament to be in as a web developer. I really hate it when people try and renege on financial commitments. The person agreed to pay you X amount when you began; therefore, they need to carry through with their obligation to the end.

Tim Murphy 8 June 2009, 12:14 #2

40/30/30 payment terms – you’ll never be too far in & if you budget correctly, you’re out of pocket costs are covered from day 1.

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