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A step back into.. Enemy Territory

I was a closet Computer Gamer for a long time, I used to play all sorts of games whenever I had some spare time, everything from the original Doom to Medal of Honour and most recently Call of Duty. However, about two years ago I started playing Enemy Territory and got quite involved in it. ET being an online game you were always playing against real people, so it wasn’t like your average PC Game where the enemy always did the same time, this fascinated me.

I was so compelled and attracted to this game that I started playing with a “team” of players, where 7 of us would battle against 7 opposition players (nasty German nazis usually). It was fantastic fun and ridiculously addictive. Playing with real people was fantastic, we would communicate using the latest software, namely Ventrilo, to communicate similar to VOIP, I made loads of great friends that I still try to talk to on a regular basis. Those people I will now mention because of the following:

Sean (Rogue), Cameron (Kodak), Luke (Gronk), Dave (Dabbles), Michael (Miss A), Mel (Honey), & Chris (WarezKing).

So, to the point I hear you say… I stopped playing my nightly games of Enemy Territory because I started working and I knew in the very near future my girlfriend was coming to live with me and playing games online at night just wasn’t going to favour this lifestyle, albeit, my girlfriend is a mean Medal of Honour player. So giving up the games was pretty hard, but it was something I knew I could do… I had to for works’ sake. So, I pay homage to my fellow team mates mentioned above that are still flying the flag for my (Allied) online gaming country! I haven’t played a single online game in well over 4 months, however, I have dabbled in a little of single player Call of Duty, and played the new demo for the expansion pack, United Offensive. Great stuff! I miss you guys!

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Dabbles 29 September 2004, 17:43 #1

cheers for the shoutout, I have been busy at work lately which has kept me away from my games addiction =)

Hang in there buddy, I hear those ET patches keep the cravings away!

Warez 5 October 2004, 17:10 #2

I never knew of your blog imagine =)
Thanks for the shoutout, and it's good to hear things are going ok for you in the big bad world.

Hang in there
- Warez aka Chris

Sean aka Rogue 5 October 2004, 17:10 #3

Had some gg's Imagine :) It was always good fun, and nice to know we're not forgotten. Your legacy lives on with your cfg - it's pretty popular :p

There's always a place for you, should you decide to come have a game some time. Hope everything is going well - keep in touch!

Minh aka venom* 5 October 2004, 17:23 #4

Wow, great site Imagine. Sounds like life is pretty sweet for you now. Miss you in the side, but things change in life. Don't be a stranger :)

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