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Cory Huff 16 July 2009, 09:14 #1

Yikes!! I don’t know how freelancers can get any work done without getting paid first. Scary.

Paul Randall 16 July 2009, 13:49 #2

I have heard some stories of people being burnt by non-payers in the past. Ever since they have been asking for a deposit for work, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that figure used to be lower.

Tim Van Damme 16 July 2009, 15:37 #3

I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way, and now always charge 50% before work starts. This way, both sides are committed.

Damien Buckley 16 July 2009, 16:17 #4

I honestly can’t believe that people would be so stupid as to start work without some form of commitment. Then again, I guess if people are doing comp work to get jobs in as many cases as still occurs and people still offering full websites for under a grand I probably shouldnt be surprised…

Andy Marshall 17 July 2009, 00:53 #5

Certainly do. Only 30%, but considering increasing that for first time clients.

Matt Brett 17 July 2009, 07:27 #6

Unreal! I don’t even add people to my calendar until I’ve received 25%. The way I roll, is 25% at the time of booking, and another 25% just before the project kicks off. The remaining 50% prior to hand-off/launch. This guy isn’t getting burned!

freelance management 17 July 2009, 23:29 #7

Absolutely true!!
I agree with you.

Alex Wright 18 July 2009, 20:00 #8

It sounds bad, but I have worked without receiving a deposit in the past. I’ve only ever, and will only ever let this happen with clients I know very well and have complete faith in.

Catherine Azzarello 18 July 2009, 21:53 #9

One big bad burn was enough. Gave the guy a lot of leeway…but, hey…no pay! So I pulled his site. Haven’t heard a word.

Standard procedure these days…50% with signed contract to get on schedule. Balance due upon approval and before upload to client server.

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