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Alex Blundell 20 August 2009, 00:40 #1

This (suprisingly) looks failry similar to how I calculate my rates. According to David’s formula, mine would look something like this:

level of expertise x turnaround time + service and support +/- level of demand = TOTAL COST

level of expertise (In the form of hourly rate based on what I think I AM worth, this generally wont change)

project specification

turnaround time (In hours)

service and support (billed at my hourly rate or quarterly)

level of demand (It goes without saying really that if i’ve not got much on, I may do a deal in order to get the job, generally though this will not be a contributing factor)

I can’t see current economy + physical location though really being a factor for me at this stage.

I can imagine this would be fairly standard way for a lot of designers but it would be good to get some other peoples input on exactly how they calculate there rates.

David Airey 20 August 2009, 08:37 #2

Hi Sam, glad you like the formula. Thanks for taking the time to drop by.

Cyprian Gwóźdź 23 August 2009, 11:04 #3

It is too complicated for me. I just want to create and f*** all this time planing, cost calculation etc. I am not banker. I am The Designer! :-)

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