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My iLife

T610 -> Powerbook -> iPod -> Powerbook -> iPod

It’s a vicious cycle, but my iLife goes a little like that with a couple of cool things, firstly the iSync program on OSX and Bluetooth. I was sitting at my Powerbook, downloaded all of the contacts and text messages from my mobile phone which was sitting on the other side of the room, I then viewed them in my laptops address book, modifyed some, added some email addresses in, then sent them back to my phone. I then, just because I could, downloaded all of the contacts from my mobile, to my computer, to my iPod. So in the very unlikely situation where I have my iPod and not my mobile phone, I still have all of my phone numbers with me! Wunderbar!

I then came across a handy little program for OSX called NewsMac which allows me to download all of the RSS Feeds (latest news from the internet) and send it to my iPod. I now no longer have to use WAP on my mobile, which costs me money, to read the news on my way into work. I can now do that thanks to News Mac. Connect to the internet in the morning, download the news, transfer to iPod, and off I go! Just brilliant.

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