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Alternative iPhone Home Screen

Alternate iPhone Home Screen This alternative home screen for the iPhone by Geoff Teehan of teehan+lax is something I missed initially while I was away on vacation but is something I would desperately love for Apple to implement.

“We envision it behaving in much the same way that the list view does in the Calendar application. By default it may track things like missed calls, unread emails and calendar events. But what if users could allow other apps to feed into this screen as well?”

It appears as though Geoff and his team actually plan on building a working version of this which I hope will quickly be snapped up by Apple themselves. Check out their blog post iPhone Needs a New Home for a longer scrollable version of their concept that I can’t wait to play with.

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LeBen 12 October 2009, 07:26 #2

This is simply awesome.

Tony Chester 12 October 2009, 08:27 #3

I love this! Very tastefully done and usable; Apple should totally jump on this. I have to ask though, was the time strategically chosen for the screenshot :p

Spencer Fry 12 October 2009, 10:35 #4

That is sexy. I’d use it.

Hunter 12 October 2009, 11:45 #5

Nice posts there. Thank’s for the interesting information.

Dan 6 November 2009, 22:08 #8

I’m as big of an Apple fanboy as you can get, but I’m not so blind that I’m going to jizz in my pants over someone copying a Windows Mobile (or any PDA for that matter) home screen:

Sam Brown 6 November 2009, 23:10 #9

@Dan This isn’t copying the Windows Mobile interface, it’s being inspired by it. The image you link to is great, the interface there is great, that would be great on the Apple iPhone – why shouldn’t you take inspiration from that to make another product better?

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