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It took me exactly a month to read my books from Amazon. I spent about 3 weeks reading Jeffery Zeldman and it took me under a week to demolish Dan Cederholm, both fantastic authors in their own right.

Zeldman gave me the background into Web Standards that I needed with plenty of great tips and tricks, while Dan’s book got right into the nitty gritty, pros and cons and was a capturing read, couldn’t put that one down.

Now.. back to the drawing board. I’ll now be optimizing Massive Blue, my blog, and my other websites that I have that don’t want to even think about right now, with everything I have learnt from these great books.

Right now, I’m off to Amazon to find something else!

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Tek 6 October 2004, 09:16 #1

"Hi. I'm Sam... and I am addicted to Amazon."

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.