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Ad Taylor 25 January 2010, 06:16 #1

Thanks for the heads up!

For a while now I have been after a short URL that I could use for blog post pimping and retweets. This solution fits the bill perfectly as it never needs to be typed.


[edit: Just found a negative – doesn’t work with textile :) ]

Marc Roberts 26 January 2010, 09:29 #2

I too keep toying with the idea of getting my own short domain to use as my personal shortening service. You’ve given me the push I needed to actually go and do it, I’ve snapped up

Zander 29 January 2010, 16:18 #3

Just picked up ɹǝpuɐ which points to my blog. I love it and its geekiness, my wife though, thinks otherwise!

John Sutherland 30 January 2010, 08:55 #4

Sam, thanks for the linkage, who’d have thought others would actually register upside-down domain names ;)

Aaron Bassett 11 February 2010, 03:51 #5

I snapped up aaron™ using this technique a couple of days ago. Was quite disappointed that it doesn't seem to work for the ♥ character though.

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.