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I love work, just not hard work.

So I put my laziness to work for me. Instead of long proposals, I wrote short ones. Instead of worrying about competitors, I ignored them. And here's what happened: My company got more work. I found better clients. I slept better. I woke up better. I was happier. And, most of all, running a business became a lot easier.

Fifteen years later, this continues to be the most important lesson I've learned as an entrepreneur: Most of the stuff you agonize about just doesn't matter. Truth is, things are pretty easy and straightforward -- until you make them hard and complicated.

Jason Fried in Driven to Distraction from Inc Magazine.

I used to stress a lot about my business, my clients, the amount of work I was doing and my competitors – but the minute I stopped worrying about all of that and focussed on just doing great work that I was happy with it really made a big difference, to me and my business.

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Glenn Weatherson 6 April 2010, 21:36 #1

Dropping some valuable knowledge right here. Thanks for sharing.

Mark Wallis 9 April 2010, 06:09 #2

God, to read this was so timely. Thank you.

Fred Carlsen 26 April 2010, 16:06 #4

Another thing that might lead to the same insight is working with people that obsess with most things – and not the things that feels right, like focusing on doing honest, great work or trying to be a nice guy to your fellow humans, be it customer, friend or foe. Instead, their every day is colored by stress and annoyance.

Heres an ode to simplicity. So far, one of my most valuable insights have been just that: Most people are at the very core simple, and can apriciate simplicity. Things are usually made too complicated, too hard.

I try to promote this simplicity in many a context, if the other party are prepared to listen.

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.