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Massive Blue - My Realigned Portfolio

I last relaunched my portfolio site in May of 2009 and I was very happy with the improved direction and look then, however things have changed somewhat over the past year and I felt that I needed to try and better convey my interests and my clients work in a realign of my portfolio site for 2010 and beyond. The new Massive Blue:

Massive Blue

Transparency, RGBA & CSS3

While it is my portfolio site, like my blog it is a playground and experiment of myself, my style and what can be achieved in modern web design. Webkit users are treated to a colour-cycling effect on the homepage background which extends to the background of the logo as well through some tricky PNG transparency. Each individual portfolio entry is also colour-treated to match the primary colour of the work done, and almost all of the content is coloured with RGBA.

Minimum Requirements

Because of some of the techniques I have employed on my site a few people may experience some technical issues, I do apologise for this and hope that it isn’t too bad. Like my 1080px grid explanation from my May 2009 redesign post, it is also a good barrier for entry.


I would like to extend a few thanks – Rogie King for the lovely Browser Chrome that I hear is soon be released as a downloadable package – Jason Cale for helping me with the Grid Overlay jQuery (check the link in the footer), to the Dribbble community that commented and praised my preview shots and to all of the lovely comments I have received on my Twitter stream @sambrown, thanks so much!

Look out for some new and exciting portfolio entries very soon.

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Keith 26 April 2010, 10:18 #1

Looks good, Sam. I felt that your last version lacked a little personality, and I actually preferred its predecessor. But this one is really slick. I like the nice, simple, big screenshots.

Rik 26 April 2010, 15:29 #2

I love the homepage. The alignment makes everything work together. I spend close to one minute looking at the background. It would be good to see some time on homepage stats.

Damien 26 April 2010, 18:11 #3

Love it, nicely done!

Ed Henderson 27 April 2010, 00:49 #4

Very nice Sam, I really like it.

kat neville 27 April 2010, 02:38 #5

Very nice sam! Like Ollie though, I’m not sure about the changing colours on the homepage… it’s really cool, but I was like, WAHH?? It looks great with different colours with the portfolio: I love that it matches the portfolio pieces!

Mark McCorkell 27 April 2010, 04:47 #6

Sam, like I said on Twitter – this site is THE BIZ. When I’m looking for inspiration, I know I can just roll over to your sites and there it is – a working showcase of what can be achieved within the realms of CSS3 and jShizzle. :-) My love for CSS3 had forced my hand to realign my own site over the past month, and just released a new version of it this week too. And the more I learn, the more I’ll be developing it too.

I’m loving the custom browser Chrome. Did Rogie hook you up with that then? I must have. :-)

Timmy 29 April 2010, 06:00 #8

Nice work. Are you still serving us your great site on txp? As a long time fan of Textpattern (and my clients are now fans too :-P ) do you find many difficulties getting jquery, etc to perform like the champion it is ment to be?

Ben 29 April 2010, 22:41 #9

The css3 is beautiful. I love the details, like the little “Hiya” fade-in. Wonderful emotional engagement.

Rogie 3 May 2010, 10:42 #10

Sam, thanks for the kind words. Your realign is very easy on the eyes and is no surprise to me that it rocks because of your apparent talent.

Keep rockin brother.

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.