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Matt Brett 17 May 2010, 13:54 #1

Nice! I’ve been using Billings for nearly 2 years now, and love it! I had jumped around many of the online monthly services, such as Blinksale and FreshBooks. But when Billings 3 hit, the one-off cost of $50 seemed like pennies next to the near $20/month I was paying for FreshBooks at the time.

I’d love to see your custom invoice template, if you wouldn’t mind sharing. That’s one thing I’ve never gotten around to, and have been using one of the stock templates.

Michael Dick 19 May 2010, 10:10 #2

Like Matt, I’ve been using Billings 3 for around two years. It’s an absolutely, powerful invoicing app.

Aside from using it to invoice, I also use it to track my business expenses. Such as dinners and new fancy toys. I created a personal project “Expenses 2010” and I have a blueprint slip that records it as an expense and “my eyes only.” So, when tax season comes around, all I need to do is use the expense report and have totals within minutes. No paper work.

Nice work on the case study; I’m super jealous! :-D

Matt Brett 20 May 2010, 09:28 #3

Oh! Michael brought up a great point, and I actually did something similar for tax-time.

I have a project called Freelance, and I create expenses for all of my purchases. I setup categories for assets, hardware, software, services, etc. then run a report from January 1 – December 31 of the previous year and have them grouped and totally by category. Works like a charm!

Last year was the first I did this, so I did it all in one go at the end of the year. But this year I’ve been logging expenses as I go, so for tax-time, I’ll simply just have to run the report and print.

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