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There is a common theme that is generally accepted by everyone.. everyone agrees, no-one disagrees and we all still hate. But who is it that we hate? The Dentist! Almost anyone you ask will tell you they don’t like the dentist, heck, I don’t know anyone who does, and I certainly am not a big fan.

After my previous appointment two weeks ago, I got an X-Ray taken for my Wisdom Teeth (which are fine thank god), but apart from telling me that the Dentist decided to stab me with a very large needle, make me numb, clean my teeth for me (I’m obviosly not good enough), and then proceeded to remove an old filling and replace it with a new one. Sounds like a fun trip to the Dentist right? Right! Let me divulge into some greater details for your visuallising enjoyment…

The extremely large needle used to inject me with whatever it is that they numb your mouth with was at least 3 inches long, and a good few mm’s in circumferance. Upon stabbing it into my gum, The Dentist pushed forward, moved it left, pushed forward and moved it right. Yep, it hurt like hell.

It was then decided that she would clean my teeth before fixing my filling whilst my mouth was getting numb. This involved a lot of scraping and a lot of high pitch shreaking by this ridiculously fast roating disc that nipped my gums over and over.

On to the removing off the filling, and out came the freakin’ drill. High pitch screeching, low speed churning and spinning, six fingers, three instruments and a plastic cover suffocating me it was no walk in the park. Pain was minimal, discomfort was overwhelming.

Now.. my bite feels weird. My filling is fixed, no more of the old magnesium or whatever it was they used, but a nice white filling that is very easy on the eyes.. which I don’t know why would be that far into my mouth. Regardless, I thank my nice Dentist for fixing my filling and telling me my wisdom teeth were fine. Phew!

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Tek 20 October 2004, 04:54 #1

Wow.. and I wanted to change the color (silver --> white) of my one filling -- I'm glad I didn't. :D

Sean aka Rogue 24 October 2004, 19:10 #2

I have to go to the dentist in a couple of weeks - maybe I'll cancel :x

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