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Checking into full-time employment

Yesterday, April 11th 2011 marked my first day as a full-time foursquare employee! I have been working solely for foursquare since August last year on a contract basis and it was around this time last year that I first started doing some occasional freelance work for the NYC startup.

This last year has been a complete blast and to have been offered a full-time position whilst still based in the UK was amazing. At only 55 full-time employees our team are really cranking out some amazing new product and it’s a job I am absolutely relishing.

Now you know why so many cobwebs have grown over this site, I plan to change that too. :)

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Tim Van Damme 13 April 2011, 02:23 #1

Congrats man, so happy for you (and I mean that from the bottom of my heart)! Was secretly hoping you’d move to the US so it’d be easier for us to visit you and Becky :)

Maykel Loomans 13 April 2011, 02:47 #2

Congrats on the full-time gig, Sam! I actually reinstalled Foursquare last weekend just to see if there had been improvements, and it’s looking a lot better than I remembered it.

Cameron 13 April 2011, 03:02 #3

How interesting that Sam now works for Foursquare and Tim for Gowalla… friends working for rival products…

TheLumin 13 April 2011, 03:14 #4

This is great news for you including Foursquare, designers, and even aspiring entrepreneurs such as myself. Keep it up Sam! It’d be a pleasure to meet you this year at NYC Startup Week (if you’re attending that is)

Andy 13 April 2011, 03:53 #5

Really chuffed for you mate, congratulations!

… particularly for that painful pun in the blog entry title ;)

Wolf 13 April 2011, 11:39 #6

Same observation as Cameron :) congratulations — you chose for the service that’s going to win the location war ;)

Roan Lavery 13 April 2011, 13:54 #7

Congrats mate. Product design is such a rewarding career, and I know you’ll be awesome!

Ryan Smith 13 April 2011, 14:49 #8

Nice one Sam. Looking forward to see your work on Four Square.
All the best.

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