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It looks like a Beautiful Mind moment...

foursquare redesign photo

But in reality I find this is the best way to see a project as a whole. While printing out your entire site isn’t exactly environmentally friendly, or cheap, it is massively beneficial to see the whole picture. Flicking between tabs of different views simply doesn’t compare. Have you tried this?

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Stuart Frisby 30 November 2011, 21:34 #1

I always advocate printing stuff off, it’s great to be able to throw it up on a whiteboard and get people thinking about it, jotting stuff down, etc. It’s also a nice way to get people who aren’t directly involved in design/dev work to see what is going on and get excited about the process, perhaps even providing insights you’d never see from your skewed perspective of the world. Plus, it’s great for ones’ ego to see their stuff up on a wall somewhere, even if you do have to put it their yourself ;)

Damien 30 November 2011, 23:09 #2

Dude, this is so organised its mildly disturbing lol. I tend to print out the final home page comp so I can scribble the fonts and colours etc on it as reference while I write CSS. Oh to have the room for this kind of thing. That said, we just started using Balsamiq mock-ups so you never know, byt this time next year, we could be scrawling on our walls too ; )

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