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Comic book artists must put so much work into all of their drawings (be it with Computers or not), but do they really get that much satisfaction from it?

I was sitting on the bus on the way home today and the person in front of me was reading an Asian Comic Book of some sort, now I don’t profess to know much, or any, of the Asian languages but their really were very few characters on these pages but the drawings were very detailed and obviously had a lot of work put into them.

“A picture paints a thousand words.”

I know, you were just about to tell me that right? Right, it’s true, they do.. and these Comic Book drawings do tell more about the story than what the few words in the speech bubbles do. But in reality how long does one spend reading a comic book page? Not very long, with less than a sentence covering each speech bubble, maybe 5-10 speech bubbles per page, your not talking very long at all. So how long does one spend looking at the drawings on these pages? Probably not long either.

Now being a big Comic Book fan as a child, reading mainly The Beano and occasionally Dandy I built up quite a collection. How many times do you think I read these Comic Books? Once! I never went back and read them again, at least not from memory.

So to the point, so much time and effort must be put in by the artists of said Comic Books. Are they really worth the attention to detail when people musn’t spend very much time at all reading and admiring the artwork, before they turn the page and continue on with the story.

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