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Dirrrrty Dancing

Saturday afternoon saw us at the Theatre Royal in Sydney to see Dirty Dancing the stage show. After arriving, grabbing a big glossy program and finding our seats we settled down to see Kym Valentine from Neighbours fame starring as Baby in this Movie Classic come Stage Show.

Was a brilliant show, which was thoroughly enjoyed by Rebecca and myself, equally as good as Saturday Night Fever which we saw three years ago. (Can’t be going to the Theatre too much, don’t want it to become like a trip to the Cinema!)

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Amy 15 November 2004, 23:09 #1

Good work Sammy Boy! I've been checking your website for the latest cos Becky is seriously lacking. Keep it up! ;o)

Amy xx

Rebecca 17 November 2004, 11:54 #2

Oi! That's not fair. I have updated my site a lot in the last few days! Tee hee. I have plenty photo's going up soon. Once I got onto Sam's laptop.

Sean aka Rogue 17 November 2004, 15:15 #3

Last trip was three years ago hey Sam? Nice work :p

Hope it's all going well, look after yourself.

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