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We arrived back from Melbourne on Sunday night, had a fantastic time and if I had long enough I’d write our trip up, unfortunatly I’m just too damn busy, and tired.

Loads of emails to reply to (Sorry Sam & Stephen), work to do (Sorry Karen & Simon) but there is just so much going on, it’s crazy! Great, but crazy. Speaking of Crazy, the temperature in Sydney was a little like that, hitting 42’C in the City (113’F for you Yanks) and as high as 48’C (119’F) out in the sticks.

Anyway I updated the Grapevine with a fantastic video I found at Harvard, but the site is soooo slow I downloaded and uploaded to my host for your viewing pleasure, so whip out your Quicktime players and watch as Yale trick 1200 Harvard fans into holding up a sign that says We Suck, under the presumtion it said Go Harvard. It took place at the end of year Yale vs Harvard (American) football game with under 5 minutes remaining. Hilarious! Go Yale.

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Amy 2 December 2004, 19:56 #1

We wanna hear all about your trip!!! Tell us more! :o)

Amy xx

Sean aka Rogue 3 December 2004, 11:31 #2

Hehe, cool prank - wish I was in on it. Buzz me next time you're down this way :>

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