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Google Campus

Because we are all nosy-people and really want to know what it’s like being a google employee! Well.. I read an article in the SMH today and it sounds like a fun place to work. Features including:

A general practitioner is on-site four days a week, and in between your fits of geeky brilliance you can wander into the massage rooms, get a haircut, or head to the company gym for a workout. If that doesn’t suit your style, you may consider a game on the beach volleyball court, a round patch of sand with a net, jutting out of perfectly maintained green lawns.

There’s a line of Segways at the base of a stairwell – you remember those things, the stupid looking two-wheeled electric scooters the inventors said would change the world. Hah.

Debbie Frost, my tour-guide and Google’s head of public relations, concedes “people don’t use them as much as they used to, the novelty’s worn off a bit”. Some things are still cool in nerd-land, though. A geeky but attractive twentysomething woman zipped between cubicles in rollerblades and shin-guards as I was led though her cluster of workstations.

You can read the full article at the SMH website.

Above the receptionist desk is a small projection board where the latest google searches are displayed, family filtered of course! We love Google.

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