Sam Brown


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and great New Year! We spent New Years Eve in Sydney watching the fireworks on the harbour, opera house and harbour bridge. Rebecca and I, my family, and some of Becky’s family too.. all 18 of us had a fantastic night! Especially Rebecca and I..

We got engaged!

:) NYE was very special this year.

Still on my holidays, doing a bit off work at the same time unfortunatly. Rebecca has organised a huge Hawaiian party for tonight which looks to go off.. loads of food, games, drinking and partying. Will put pictures of Christmas, New Year, and the party up soon for everyone to see!

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Tek 14 January 2005, 10:47 #1

Congratulations!!! :)

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.