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Rebecca’s family left this morning after their two and a half week stay in Australia, spent 95% of our time with them staying at their house, playing tourists and going out all the time. Have to get myself setteled back into a routine, work tomorrow!

Highlights off the past 3 weeks of my holiday*: getting engaged, Christmas on the Gold Coast with my family from Scotland, going into Sydney on New Year with Beckys family and my family and all wearing Kilts, Daniel getting extremely badly sun-burnt after digging a huge hole on Palm Beach (Summer Bay for Home & Away fans), going to Manly via Ferry, Bondi beach, and Karaoke on Friday nights!

Had a fantastic time with all of them, and was sad to see them go.. won’t be long until we are back in Scotland, via Orlando Florida hopefully! :)

* This is a hugely truncated version of events, we did so much that I simply couldn’t write about them all.. I will hopefully get a chance to put some of the 1250+ photos that were taken, up for everyone to see.

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Amy 17 January 2005, 21:04 #1

Dying to see some of these pics :o) Make sure and post them all soon! Looking forward to seeing you both loads! Oh and Sam...Get your women to email me!! :o(

Stuart 17 January 2005, 23:04 #2

How can somebody get sunburnt in a hole? only daniel.

Deb 18 January 2005, 15:57 #3

Yeah it was the best!! Miss you guys, but had a blast!

D x

Sam 19 January 2005, 18:20 #4

Daniel = Blister Boy

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