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Round up Round up

Update your bookmarks, update your feeds, it’s an all new, brand spanking,!

As you can rightly see of course, lots still to do, and lots still to fix. So don’t shout at me in a hurry if something isn’t working. I made the switch from WordPress back to TextPattern which I was using originally, mainly because all of the comment and particularly trackback spam I was getting. Nasty stuff which isn’t particularly easy to avoid in WordPress, however, it’s a dodle in TextPattern.

Word of the day: Simple.

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Tek 4 February 2005, 22:32 #1

Hey—something isn’t working! ;)

Sam 4 February 2005, 23:51 #2

Trust you! Thanks Chris! :P

Tek 5 February 2005, 18:21 #3

I knew something was wrong. W3 shows this site is not compliant to standards set forth by the rulers of the web universe. :p

rebecca 5 February 2005, 20:55 #4

Testing testing 1 2 3

Sam 5 February 2005, 21:01 #5

Yeah thanks Chris. Fixed!

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