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I loved the very first song from the first season of One Tree Hill. I also loved the episode, but the first song played at the very start got my attention straight away. After sitting on the idea off finding the song and seeing who the artist was I eventually did, and my search for said song was a piece of cake.

I searched for one tree hill first song, Google returned me firstly to Amazon, the second link however was to who amazingly do a write up for every episode with the artists and their songs that were played during that episode. A big help! A very nice thing to see a fan website doing, something you know they have put a lot of time and effort into for others. Thanks One Tree Hill Web!

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Tek 6 February 2005, 09:16 #1

I’ve also begun to watch OTH too, even though it’s on its 2nd or 3rd season. Quite interesting. :)

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