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Memorable Faces

Whenever I have a spare moment, like on the bus on the way to work this morning, I keep remembering my holidays that I’ve been on over the past 2 months. A long weekend in Melbourne, a week at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, then taking the tourists around Sydney for two weeks.

Whenever I think of these places I always remember a specific persons face which has somehow implanted itself in my head. Melbournes was the guy at the Melbourne Museum who served us at the counter, when I went to buy tickets he smiled and told me to put my money away and gave us our tickets, unknown to me that it was free to get in.

The face I remember from the Gold Coast was the receptionist at our apartment, The Penthouses, a quite scary but energetic outgoing old lady, she frightened me somewhat. From our two week tour of Sydney it would have to be the Matridee at the Summitbar on the 47th floor of the Australia Building. Smart, sophisticated, polite, but quite bewildered that 7 Scottish people, not as nicely attired as the rest of the patrons (thats not to say Scots aren’t able to dress smart). Half the group had just gone fishing, the other half had just climed the Harbour Bridge, and there we all were in one of the schmickist bars in town. Classic.

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