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iPod socks

iPod Socks

I previously posted an article titled Apple Rocks My Socks. Well.. Apple’s iPod Socks Rock too! About three months ago I saw them on the Apple Store website and they looked kinda cool, the image below was the one I saw. The description said that they fitted both iPod, iPod Mini, mobile phones and digital cameras. Hooray, finally something nice I can put my camera in that will save it from scrathces and make it look pretty. Order.. I did.

About 3 days letter a box arrived, a la Apple in Frenchs Forest, Sydney. Woo.. nice, and as usual, packaging was awesome. The image top right is exactly what the socks look like when they arrive, brilliant. Apples Designers really hit the nail on the head.

Since then, the 6 socks I have got are put too good use. The orange one has my digital camera in it, the green one has my iPod, the blue one for my phone when I decide to put my phone and keys in the same pocket.. yes, I learnt that lesson already an my phone now has 400 scratches all over it. Great.

iPod Socks

Thanks to Apple though, with their cute socks, great colours, and even little labels that say “iPod”, $50 well spent.

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