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skEdit & iScroll

About a month ago I downloaded and tried out the Demo version of skEdit, a simple, but very powerful web development tool for OSX. The 25-day demo finished on the weekend and I went straight to the site to buy myself a full copy, and get myself a place on the beta-team so I can get stable copies of the latest version. A fantastic addition to my programs for web development, it boasts alot of great features, definitely worth a look if you are looking for a nice web editor.

Apple just last week announced a new range of Powerbooks, they are a little faster, come with 512mb RAM as standard, bluetooth 2.0 and a new trackpad. The trackpad was what caught my attention the most, it allows for vertical scrolling by dragging two fingers up and down, or left and right on the trackpad. Now, my trackpad doesn’t do that, or, it didn’t. Thanks to the fantastic little driver switcher iScroll mine now does the same thing!

Call me pedantic, but its a neat feature that I know I’ll be using daily!

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richie 16 February 2005, 20:30 #1

I don’t have a powerbook :(. Ohh, I like the live preview. You’re cool! :) Go Richie, go Richie

Sam 17 February 2005, 16:52 #2

Perhaps when RichieCorp International goes public it will have live previews too!

Stuart 20 February 2005, 04:32 #3

My Presario laptop has this scroll feature as well and i think it’s great. I also can just tap the pad and its the same as clicking the mouse, which saves me a lot of effort.

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