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Rebecca and I ordered f i v e (5) prints from the DeviantART Shop online last Sunday. I chose regular Airmail which was the cheapest option at $20AUD ($15USD), we had a couple of big prints thats why it was a little bit more expensive than usual.

Now, I hate waiting for things to arrive. There is nothing worse than spending your money then having to wait 20days for it to arrive, which is what DeviantART told me, I didn’t even consider First Class post at $50USD which would get the prints here ASAP.

A FedEx delivery man arrived at my door this morning, 6 days after ordering the prints, with a box for “a Mr Sam Brown Jr”. Mucho thanks to DA for selecting, printing, packaging, and sending my prints First Class from the US to Australia in under a week!

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.