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Hijacked, before I even got onboard!

Perhaps not hijacked, more like stolen! On Sunday afternoon whilst the wife went shopping I was writing down some ideas and names for a new online venture I’m trying to bring to fruition. Whilst mulling over names all weekend I came up with a few, as far as domain names however they were all taken apart from one. I figured that would be the one I went for.

Back to the drawing board, scored out old name, put in new name and was getting most of my ideas together to discuss the idea with hopeful partner in (online) crime, Chris Erice. However! Today, I went to purchase the domain name for the idea.. GONE. Someone had registered it! Infact, someone had registered it later on Sunday evening when I had first searched for it at Dotster.

It has been a concern online that domain name companies watch what their users are searching for, and just as quickly snap up names that they think are worth a lot of money in the hopes you will track them down and pay a premium price for it. (Not going to happen in my case, they can have the daft domain!)

Todays conclusion.. I no longer am going to be purchasing domain names from Dotster and will now do so via GoDaddy and DomainSite, who both now offer payment processing via PayPal, nice.

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