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Anatomy of my menu bar

menu bar

My menu bar has a growing collection of applications, several I have mentioned already. I will be going into more details about a few more of them in the near future and any others I try or use. Above is my current OS X menu bar.

  1. ByteController – Controls for iTunes (also enables keyboard shortcuts)
  2. gCount – Gmail email counter for new & unread emails
  3. BigPond Cable Login – Daft app that my ISP makes me use
  4. QuickSilver – Uber quick find
  5. xScope – Rulers, Screens & Loupe for color picking
  6. CheckOff – Todo lists
  7. Bluetooth – For connecting to my Mobile
  8. Airport – Wireless Connection Status
  9. Battery – Battery level
  10. Calendar – Day and Time
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Rob McMichael 4 April 2005, 02:00 #1

I had a huge problem with this being on a 12” powerbook. My apps would fight for the space at the top and make my life a misery. However I have recently got a 20” Cinema display which sorted it out a treat.

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