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Microsoft SP2 vs Mozilla Firefox

I woke up this morning, checked my emails for anything important before I headed to work and saw this little blue globe flashing in my Windows XP Home taskbar, after rubbing my eyes and closer inspection I realised it was Microsofts Live Update program telling me to Download SP2 (to fix the plethora of bugs and security issues with XP).

Image: computers this little annoyance will maybe just never appear again. Lets hope this Service Pack does it’s job and fixes all the wholes in what Microsoft claimed was the most secure version of Windows when they released XP in 2002.

On that note, I found this link earlier today:
The first post-SP2 flaw found. Here we go again.

Maybe one day Microsoft, maybe!

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Tek 21 August 2004, 17:20 #1

Thanks for the post... /me not too excited about SP2 now. :P

Sam 21 August 2004, 18:53 #2

To make things worse, after installing at Work I couldn't connect to the network as the fileserver is running SP1! :(

I uninstalled Service Pack 2, and now I still can't connect to it. So I'll have to update all the computers to SP2 now.

I hate small print.

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