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Irn Bru

I only moved to Australia 3 and half years ago (February 2001), moving away from Scotland had its Pros and Cons.

  • Pros: Warm weather, uhm.. more WARM weather.

  • Cons: No girlfriend, long distance phone calls, and NO Irn-Bru

For those of you, probably the majority of you, you will have no idea what the heck this Irn Bru is, let me enlighten you:

Irn-Bru is a very popular European beverage that features a very mild citrus/orange flavor. In addition to having a citrus flavor, this beverage has a mild caffeine flavor. While many US consumers might not understand this product, Irn-Bru maintains a cult like status in the UK (especially in Scotland). Overall, a great beverage.

From here.

So to the point, I was out on Tuesday night and we popped into your regular 7-11 to grab something to drink, and low and behold, I saw a bright orange drink in a glass bottle out of the corner of my eye. Indeed, there was more and even smaller 310ml bottles as well as 1 litre bottles, I couldn’t believe it.

The only other place I have been able to find the stuff is in a Britsh shop in a distant shopping centre that is very overpriced.. its like I’m dreaming!

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dabbles 21 September 2004, 23:23 #1

stumbled upon your blog sam...

that beast puts my lowly g4 to shame =(

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