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dConstruct 2009 - My experience graph

September 4th saw me attending my second dConstruct conference hosted by the awesome guys and gals of Clearleft, instead of writing and raving about how much I enjoyed the conference I thought this little info graphic would sum up the conference day best:

dConstruct Experience Graph

As always Brighton was full of like-minded web geeks, some of the most inspiring and engaging folks around, I would genuinely recommend the dConstruct experience - both pre and post conference - it is a three day event that is a must do every year.

Sam Brown at dConstruct 09

Me listening intently at dConstruct - Photo by Ben Bodien

Just some of the fantastic people I spoke to over the course: @andybudd, @aral & @stephalicious - @roanlavery, @cole007, @relativesanity, & @roryf from Edinburgh - @keirwhitaker & @joleeen from Carsonified - @chriscolhoun, @friedcell, @drbparsons, @deanjanssen, @miekd, & @czillgens - @nikf, @dannygreg & @ac94 from Realmac Software - @marcroberts & @bbodien from Neutron Creations and of course my conference going buddies @elliotjaystocks, @maxvoltar, @sazzy and our newest recruit who barely survived the initiation process (a half hour grilling by a crazed conf goer) @goodonpaper who is running the fantastic Build Conference in Belfast, November 5 - definitely check that out!

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Andy 7 September 2009, 00:48 #1

I survived by diluting everyone else into the conversation & attempting to scarper! A lesson learnt for any possible harassment @buildconf :)

Tim Van Damme 7 September 2009, 01:24 #2

It was quite heavy, but I wouldn’t have missed it! Next year again please :)

Ben Bodien 7 September 2009, 01:29 #3

Great times! See you on the next one if not before.

Sarah Parmenter 7 September 2009, 01:36 #4

Good way of summing it up! I agree with your chart totally, will definitely go again next year!

Jack Osborne 7 September 2009, 01:41 #5

Glad you had a good time Sam, the graph is pretty cool. Save me a seat for next year ;)

Robbie Manson 7 September 2009, 01:45 #6

Great idea Sam. Absolutely gutted I couldn’t make it down. Barring death, I’ll be there next year. I’ll see you at Refresh on Wednesday for a jar, if your pickled liver can handle it…

Elliot Jay Stocks 7 September 2009, 02:51 #7

Another fantastic year, and a pleasure to share it with such great friends. Next year? Of course!

And I think it’s time we made The Old Ship the official unofficial pre-and-post-party venue. :)

Marko Mrdjenovic 7 September 2009, 03:40 #8

It was great to see you guys again – and hope to see you all again next year!

Olly Hodgson 7 September 2009, 04:44 #9

Yep, very good stuff all in all.

I rather enjoyed Hunicke’s talk, took a lot away from it. I can see how it could have been irritating — JUICY! JUICY! JUICY! — but the message was good. Even if she misspelt “juiciness” ;)

Christoph Zillgens 7 September 2009, 06:01 #10

Really fantastic, enjoyed conversations with you and some others here on the comments list!
The graph is really cool, only missing the word “juicy” near Robin Hunicke ;)

Yeah! – The Old Ship was definitely the place to be before and after the event :)

Keir Whitaker 7 September 2009, 09:20 #11

Sam – great to see you again. Looking forward to catching up in Brighton next year, if not before. Apologies once again for laughing beer over you at the pre-party! Not my intention but it was hard not to laugh!

Drew McLellan 7 September 2009, 14:36 #12

So the graph is juiciness over time, right?

Oleg 30 September 2009, 13:04 #13

Nice posts there – thank’s for the interesting information.

Stephalicious 4 October 2009, 01:55 #14

Hehe, I just saw this. Love the graph, and thanks for the mention, it was great to meet you too! :D

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