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The New Posh CSS Team

Posh CSS on the iPhoneI created Posh CSS 2 years ago as a link list of sorts for all things CSS related, since then I have posted over 375 links and the site has amassed a good following. That said, of late I have been struggling to manage the site, keeping it up-to-date with new and fresh content was increasingly becoming a challenge.

Last week I put out a request for help and was overwhelmed by the response, I managed to hand pick a great small team to help me move the site forward: @markdotto, @patdryburgh, @kevinholesh, @rosschapman and @levifig, all great guys.

So look out for new and inspiring links from them, or you could submit your own. I really look forward to seeing what happens with the site in the near future and would love to hear how you think it can be improved?

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Alberto Calvo 22 October 2009, 01:01 #1

Hey, Sam.

I offered myself too, but I’m too busy right now to compromise, so good luck with the new stage and don’t post too much. Now that you are so many people, it’s easy to fall in posting everything related without a filter.


Kevin Holesh 22 October 2009, 01:33 #2

I’m really looking forward to taking Posh CSS to the next level. I’m already seeing a lot of great links posted by you and the other guys.

It has become a crucial reference tool for me. I actually search Posh CSS first and then search Google if I need some CSS help.

Mark Otto 23 October 2009, 06:35 #3

Woo wooo! Loving the renewed energy towards Posh CSS. It’s a great resource and it’s got plenty of opportunity to grow. Looking forward to hear what the rest of the team’s ideas are for the site!

And thanks for the opportunity to contribute, Sam. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of something awesome like this :).

Levi Figueira 26 October 2009, 07:54 #4

Glad to be on-board! :)

Like Alberto said I think the biggest issue will be filtering. I’ll do my best, as I’m sure we all will, to keep the content flow concise and relevant. Just like contributing to any sort of regular publication, it can be frustrating to not link/generate content for a period of time, but with the number of great minds contributing, we can fight off that feeling, knowing we’re all working towards quality, as a team.

Like Mark said, I want to thank Sam for the opportunity. It really is honoring to be given such a privilege by someone I truly respect and look up to professionally. Cheers. :)

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.