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Fresh out of school, you are a technician not a professional

Question: “I recently graduated from design school and have started freelancing, and I’m wondering how you get clients? How do you get your name out there?”

This person may just as well have jumped out of an airplane and then asked, “Now, how do I go about finding a parachute? Oh, and should I land somewhere specific? How exactly do I do that?” Even so, this lack of foresight is quite common. The immediate lesson is that you shouldn’t become an independent professional with little to no professional experience, with no prospects and knowing little to nothing about the business.

Andy Rutledge lays down the law on Design Professionalism with answers to some very commonly asked questions from both agency and freelance designers.

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Nathan Staines 8 March 2010, 03:42 #1

A great read and a great resource, thanks for pointing it out.

Mark McCorkell 8 March 2010, 06:44 #2

I wouldn’t always take the time to read big looong articles when I’m working, but I am glad I checked this one out. Very inspirational reading in Andy’s article. Thanks for sharing that one Sam! :-)

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