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dConstruct 2010 - My experience graph

The sixth year of dConstruct may very well have been its best to date and it certainly was from my point of view. Design & Creativity was this years tag line and it was right up my street, it’s safe to say I came away from the conference with a lot of thought and inspiration.

dConstruct 2010 Experience Graph

The selection of speakers and topics at this years event was fantastic, it was nice to have big names like John Gruber and Merlin Mann come across but likewise it was great to finally get to hear Brendan Dawes and David McCandless speak.

Robbie Manson has written an insightful overview from each of the talks and I would highly recommend you simply download the audio from the talks and dive right in. As usual, a fantastic event that I look forward to attending again.

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André Luís 7 September 2010, 10:26 #1

LoL Sam, so you’re saying only David and Merlin were better than jumping into bed at night? hehehe ;) Just kidding…

Really cool way to summarize the day. Well done. Sorry to have missed you at Brighton, though. Would have loved to chat.

Andreas Dantz 7 September 2010, 10:27 #2

From my perspective Marty Neumeier has to be higher. Hannah Donovan was way better than the worst of all talks: Samantha Warren.

And I was a bit disappointed that John Gruber had to read his entire talk.

But overall the dConstruct was great!

Zach Inglis 7 September 2010, 10:28 #3

Nice idea!

What was wrong with the two girls talks?
I did not manage to make it in the end so I am clueless as to the day’s events.

Andrew 7 September 2010, 10:28 #4

Hello Sam, Aside from your Merlin Mann highpoint , I think we had some similar peaks and troughs from the day –

Matt Carey 7 September 2010, 10:33 #5

Must disagree with some of your ratings!

I was very excited to see Gruber but thought he lost spark by reading it. Interesting content but not great delivery.

How you can say Hannah was worst than Samantha Warren is beyond me. The other way around surely!

I thought James Bridle was a highlight.

But it is all subjective and that is the point!

Yaili 7 September 2010, 10:33 #6

Very nice, Sam. I’d say Neumeier’s talk was a lot better than lunch at Wagamama though :)

One of the things that I’ve noticed was how I enjoyed the lesser known speakers more than the big names.
My favourite speaker had to be James Bridle — the delivery was excellent and he came across as a clever, interested person, without being annoying.
David McCandless was also brilliant, and, something that is a common attribute of good speakers, entertaining — some people seem to forget about that, it’s not a bad thing to entertain, that’s what we’re there for. But the content of his talk was a bit more homogenous, so it got repetitive at points.

Overall, I had a nice couple of days, and it was great seeing (and everyone) you again :)

Dr Parsons 7 September 2010, 15:50 #7

You thought that much of the afterparty??

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