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New Adventures 2011 - My experience graph

The Albert Hall in Nottingham saw 650 web design aficionados descend upon it for the first New Adventures in Web Design conference hosted by the venerable Simon Collison last week. This event brought a very large portion of the web design community together, both speakers, attendees and contributors (to the The Paper) – Simon did a superb job of curating the event into what felt like a real coming of age party for our industry.

New Adventures Conference 2011 Experience Graph

All ten talks at New Adventures were of such a high caliber, even those that were brand new and being delivered for the very first time. Stand out talks for me were Dan Rubin on the new language of web design that we need to forge for ourselves – Mark Boulton on designing content out, creating connectedness and binding this to the device – Andy Clarke on storytelling and shaping your content for the visitor and of course the hilarious Brandan Dawes on the beauty of product design, I could literally listen to Brendan talk all day!

Our host, Simon was as charismatic as ever and deserved every bit of the warm reception he received at the end of the day spurred on by Andy Clarke. New Adventures was one of the most enjoyable, forward-thinking and community focussed events I have attended. Simply fantastic.

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Colly 25 January 2011, 11:45 #1

All I can say, having feared the dreaded experience graph is… PHEW!

Simon Willans 25 January 2011, 11:47 #2

I have to agree with you about Brendan Dawes. I’ve heard him speak at 2 conferences now, and he gave the best presentations. Very engaging.

Sarah Parmenter 25 January 2011, 12:03 #3

I was going to say exactly the same as Simon… I look forward to, and both dread these, in equal amounts!
Great to see you the other day :)

Vitaly Friedman 25 January 2011, 13:04 #4

I agree with Sam. It was a remarkable, inspiring and thought-provoking event. I sincerely hope that naconf will set a new standard for web design conferences in the future. It was a pleasure to attend and actually experience the strong community spirit — usually it’s not like that at all.

Thank you, Colly, and looking forward to the next conference — you’ve got to organize one!

Ian P 25 January 2011, 13:18 #5

What does this graph tell us? You’re not a big fan of mini-quiche.

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