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One of the primary reasons I wanted to work at foursquare in early 2010 was to have the ability to work on one product alone and continue to improve that over time. The majority of my freelance projects never lasted more than 3 months, once a site had shipped I had very little to do with it and would move onto another project. Being able to rapidly iterate on a single product over time and see real measured improvements has been massively satisfying.

When I started working at foursquare we had two designers, a visual designer and a user experience designer. Both working across all aspects of the product on everything from web and iOS app design to communication materials and graphic design. A grand task for just two and thankfully the team has grown to almost 10 since then with a mix of visual, interaction, ux and web ui designers.

At foursquare we see the website as an integral part of our product and getting the chance to redesign this from the ground-up was a great opportunity, one that the small redesign team has slaved, sweated and poured a vast amount of our effort into over the last few months.

The new foursquare site is a breath of fresh air compared to our old utilitarian and generic 2009 website. While we continued to push amazing new features and projects to the site, we have always felt constrained by it’s abilities and style. Today we launch a brighter, fresher and more flexible design that is not only a huge improvement visually but lays the groundwork for new features and projects that are coming down our road map in the very near future.

Gone are the days of content-in-a-blue-box and in moves the era of easier to digest content, interactivity and discovery. With easier navigation, even more photos & comments, and clearer venue details to interactive maps, venue recommendations and list discovery we hope that becomes the destination site for people looking to keep up with their friends, discover what’s nearby, save money and unlock rewards.

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Dan Hannigan 15 November 2011, 18:50 #1

I’ve loved foursquare since I started using it in March 2010, and always felt it had a nice polished style. With these changes coming out I know it can only get better, and even more amazing. Props to the design crew there, you’re a big inspiration.

Trent Walton 15 November 2011, 19:05 #2

Great work, Sam! Congratulations!

Craig 15 November 2011, 19:30 #3

Awesome job, Sam. Send my congratulations to the rest of the team as well. foursquare is an integral part of my daily routine, and this new design a breath of fresh air to an already terrific service.

Tim Van Damme 15 November 2011, 19:44 #4

More surprised by the fact that you remember how to blog.

akaCarioca 15 November 2011, 20:06 #5

Natural step on re/evolutionary app.

Johan Bakken 15 November 2011, 21:29 #6

Fantastic work! Very interested in seeing the conversion rate of the new logged out teaser page.

Sam Brown 20 November 2011, 18:34 #7

Thanks everyone! :) More blogging coming soon for sure.

Lee Munroe 21 November 2011, 01:41 #8

Loving the new website Sam. Nice work, great attention to detail.

Byron Rode 21 November 2011, 09:18 #9

Love the new site. So simple and clean.

Dan Eden 21 November 2011, 14:50 #10

I loved the redesign when it came out, then someone today pointed out it’s using my own Animate.css! I was very pleased to see it put to good use. Great job on the redesign, and I love this blog too!

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Sam Brown co-founded Iterate, and was previously VP of Design at Foursquare. Based in NYC.