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Happy Birthday to S(p)am

Yesterday I turned the ripe old age of two oh, twenty! Leaving behind me my teen years, but believe me, there is still a lot of kid left in me yet! Had a great day, woke up to my Mum and my girlfriends Mum (on the phone) singing a Happy Birthday duet to me, got cards and presents which were great. Got to work to find a big poster on the wall saying “Happy Bday Sam”, and they had stuck everything on my desk, to the desk. I loathe thee who invented double sided sticky tape! Paniced a bit when the phone upstairs rang and I couldn’t get my daft notepad and pen off the desk.. thanks Karen!!

The rest of my day was great, dinner, drinks, more cards from family and friends, a top day. Tonight I am going out for dinner with friends to the Eurolounge, should be very nice!

Today, I received my first batch of comment spam, some nasty person was posting links to their dodgy online pharmacy.. got 9 emails saying that 9 comments were left on my 1461 days today article, all of them spam. Thankfully Wordpress, that I use to post on the site has a nice feature which disables posts like this that have lots of links in them. Bad spammers!

Also added another movie to the Grapevine, this has to be the funniest DUI Stop test I have ever seen.. nice work with the alphabet thing though! Hilarious, check it out.

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John Serris 10 December 2004, 02:34 #1

Happy Birthday Sam! Oh to be 20 again... :)

Sean aka Rogue 18 December 2004, 21:49 #2

Hey Sam,

Sounds like you enjoyed your birthday - welcome to the twenties, you're not far behind me :)

Look after yourself,


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